Economic Revolution – How to Survive the Next Millennium

Obviously, I mean this Millennium now, but what follows is
article I first published in a magazine in July 1996. So why
Am I writing this introduction and republishing it now?

A Global Perspective of Aquaculture

Seattle area astrologer providing consultations for Christmas,
relationship and relocation chart. In his article, Dorene quotes
astrological reasons, because of the current planetary alignment,
changes in our banking and monetary systems and
saying that maybe bartering might be the wave of the future.

I was struck by the * coincidence * of the information I had
researched a few years earlier for one of my cutting teeth articles
my new career as a journalist after spending 20 years
management accounting and business administration.

We see this all happening now, every day in the WWW, even
although I don’t know I mean the Internet when I write
original article. We barter daily for free, reciprocal links
and many more to promote our online business. There is
many of us try to eke live this way against the background
rising unemployment and a lack of other support systems. And
it’s not always easy!

Steps To Navigate

Read on, I know it will sound like doom, gloom and gloom.
This is not: I hope that in fact it will motivate you,
inspiration and confidence in what you do. I think
The internet is the * right * place. Follow all the suggestions that you will follow
read to stay put in your endeavors and don’t falter when
That will be difficult. The only way you can fail is to give up.

In the same way as we are headed for a very large environment
change, so we are headed for economic change on that scale
(And nowadays none of us) witness that it is better for themselves, therefore they exist

Since the mid-16th century, the world economy has suffered
depression routine and it is now recognized that there are 60
annual debt cycle. It doesn’t take much to realize that since
most recently, the Great Depression, falling in the 1930’s, that we’re at
Because it was the 90’s was another slap-bang.

However, there are other cycles that are even more impactful.
That’s a 500 year cycle, one that we’re going to live around
2000. Nobody has yet found a scientific reason to
this cycle, but of course there is. In fact, it has
is ongoing and is a combination of these two economic cycles
that’s why there will be such a big revolution in
the structure of the world economy as we know it.

We only have to look back in history to see what happened on
intervals of 500 years prior, to see evidence and measure
the possible impact of what we will witness. History repeats itself
Alone. It was between 50 BC and 50 AD that Christianity
religion began and the Roman Republic was replaced by
Empire. Around 500 AD, the Roman Empire collapsed. In 1000 AD,
The Age of Darkness ends to start the Middle Ages.

In 1500 AD the Modern Age really started with a great change
brought about by the invention of printing around
1450. Imagine that the impact of being able to teach the masses
people to read, write, and communicate for the first time.

In the same way, the revolution is taking place right now
to do with information dissemination. The ‘culprit’ is now from
to be a computer chip, or rather
Computer. Once, all the information and power is at hand
government and large institutions. Now everyone has it.
This will have an impact on
work methods and on social structures.

We already know that the world economy is in crisis and that
the whole country is nearly bankrupt. Such powerful countries
The US is so deeply in debt that in 1995, 57% of tax revenues
only needed to pay the interest on the loan. English, German
and Canada are also in serious trouble and they are not alone.
Japan is even more tortuous than the US and will
contribute to other worsening situations while trying to
off-load its interests.

What happens when you and I can’t pay our debt is that we don’t
get credit again and go broke. When it was a major
government, they have the option of printing money (yes, not us
all wishes). Which causes inflation, increases in interest rates and
value for money when it becomes true-truly worthless.