The 4 Most Important Things to Know About Writing for Magazines

Are you interested in writing for magazines? Although it’s easy to publish in local publications, selling your articles to significant newsstand magazines can be challenging.
In the 1980s, I began writing for magazines. Many articles have been sold over the years. These are my top four tips.

1. Although it is easier than you think, writing for magazines can be difficult. It would help if you had persistence.

Editors are often busy. Editors are busy. However, they are well aware of everything that crosses their desk. So if you send queries via snail mail, or as some magazines prefer, by fax or email, editors will be aware of them, regardless of whether or not they respond.

You can send more questions, including your best ideas, creativity, and writing, to increase their attention. You will eventually get a reply, most often via the phone. Include all contact information, including your phone number.

2. Keep going with an idea you like. Keep sending it out!

Have you had a brilliant idea that would make an excellent article? You’ll receive a response within one or two days if an editor asks for your idea.

Please send your proposal elsewhere if you are still waiting to receive a response within two weeks.

However, you should edit your proposal before sending it. My face was still red when I faxed my query to editor number three (number three) on my list. In a rush, I just remembered that I had deleted the name of the second editor to which I had sent the query.

Editor Three called me immediately. She laughed and asked for the article. However, she slyly suggested I reread my query. Embarrassing.

3. Enthusiasm is Everything: Find What You Love

Your words will reflect your passion and enthusiasm. You will likely be able to write for a magazine you love. You’ll feel what they want if you read enough magazines.

Find ideas that you are passionate about and then send them along. If you are emotional, editors will be open to your ideas.

4. What are you selling? Be aware of your rights

As many rights as you can to your words as possible, editors are now trying to purchase all rights (electronic and serial worldwide rights for preference). Negotiate. Negotiate to retain as many rights as possible.

It’s a lot of fun to write for magazines. You will make money and make great connections. Try it, and you may enjoy it.