Simple methods to make a magazine

Pick your topic

A magazine can’t exist without a topic. Consider your skills and your target audience before you begin writing. There must be a single, overarching theme when creating anything from a brochure showing handcrafted jewellery and knitted headgear to a glossy magazine for a tourism board.

To get you started, here are a few ideas: music and cinema; travel; current events; fashion; health and fitness; recreation; sports; gardening; and interior d├ęcor. An expert on a topic will pique readers’ curiosity.

Decide on a name for your project.

For the first time, I’m launching a travel magazine. The headline of your post should be clear and concise. Don’t forget that your title will represent your brand for a long time (some magazines for hundreds of years).

Select a headline for your article

The cover article is the most important part of any magazine, both design and substance. An interview with the cover star is expected in a celebrity-focused publication. The cover photograph of our travel magazine will feature a location that will be extensively discussed within. We’ve dubbed our cover storey “Travel of the Month” on this occasion.

Locate a suitable picture for use as your profile picture.

What distinguishes a good cover from a merely good one? Your cover image should feature its most intriguing aspects at the top and middle of the page. The rule of thirds is a useful design tool. Right-clicking on the canvas or dragging lines from the ruler in Lucidpress allows you to create guides. When our magazine cover is divided into a 3 x 3 grid, our eye is drawn to the palm trees at the intersection of the grid lines.

The image should be of excellent quality, and print publications require a resolution of at least 300 PPI. Your viewers will be drawn to your content by the image on your cover. Colours, size, and font should all complement the subject matter of your magazine, making it easy to read at a glance. Double-clicking the cover picture in Lucidpress will allow you to replace it with an image of your choice.

Articles for the body of the text

A magazine’s most compelling feature is usually its content. Write your articles, or utilise freelance authors or other contributors. Decide which option is best for your project. In some cases, this process can take weeks or months to complete. There will be a staff of writers, editors, and calls for contributions if the magazine is a college campus publication. For a professionally-produced magazine, the scope will be considerably more extensive. Google Drive content can be dragged and dropped into Lucidpress straight on the canvas. In place of emailing draughts back and forth, designers and writers may collaborate directly within the magazine, making it easier to make changes as they come up with them. This video demonstrates how team members in Lucidpress may work together.

Place thumbnails

Thumbnails should blend nicely with their surroundings while also standing out. We’ve used a transparent banner in the Lucidpress design to separate the featured article thumbnails, and it’s a 60 percent-opacity white box. We’ve also included a barcode and a URL to the magazine’s website on the label. This lets readers find articles and other web-exclusive content that they can access at any time. To create iPad-optimized magazines, you can utilise Lucidpress to incorporate video and scrolling regions.