Is there a list of the world’s most popular magazines?

Magazines are in high demand this year, so be sure to add some to your reading list. Look no farther than this list of the world’s most popular magazines if you’re looking for something fresh to read. These are the magazines that we think deserve a place on your table, in your carry-on, or even as a present for your reading club member right now. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s ten greatest and most widely read magazines for the year 2020.

Filmfare Magazine:

When Filmfare was founded in 1954, it was initially a monthly publication, but it has evolved into a fortnightly one through the years. The Filmfare Honors have become one of the most widely-watched and anticipated awards of the year, thanks to Filmfare magazine. This publication features only Bollywood-related content.
This magazine focuses completely on Bollywood material.

India Today Magazine

India Today Magazine provides the most recent and up-to-date news from India. It covers a wide range of current events and developments in the country. Politics, Economics, Business, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle and Bollywood, are all covered in India Today magazine.

TIME Magazine:

TIME Magazine is a weekly American news magazine based in New York. For decades, TIME Magazine India has been a leading source of information on current events, politics, business, healthcare, science, and entertainment. Every Time Magazine membership provides in-depth knowledge of our planet.

A publication of The Economist Magazine

Rather than just reporting on headlines, The Economist provides an in-depth analysis of the week’s most significant developments in business and industry. Looking for current events, economic and financial news, political cartoons, reader comments and letters, feature pieces about art and books and technology, as well as opinion columns, special reports and book reviews? Subscribing to The Economist Magazine would be the best option.

The Outlook Magazine.

Outlook Publishing India Pvt Ltd’s award-winning journalism, Outlook Magazine, covers various topics, including politics, sports, and the arts. It’s available in both English and Hindi. Since its inception in 1995, it has grown to be India’s most popular magazine for current events and breaking news. A subscription to Outlook Magazine is enlightening, stimulating, fascinating, and full of in-depth analysis. Outlook Magazine subscriptions also keep you up to date with its bold and aggressive reporting.

Forbes India Magazine:

For some readers, a business publication like Forbes India Magazine is the equivalent of a household name in the United States. Every two weeks, Forbes Magazine publishes stories on anything from lifestyle to leadership and growth to industry purges, all of which can be found in the magazine’s pages. This publication is well-known for covering all aspects of entrepreneurship, start-ups, and business from around the world at all times.


Since its inception in 1959, Femina Magazine has been a mainstay in the homes of nearly every Indian lady. As far as periodicals go, it’s one of the oldest. All the latest fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel and gourmet trends are covered in Femina Magazine’s monthly subscription. India’s modern and young women are its target audience for Femina Magazine, published monthly.

Harvard Business Review”

For general business counsel, crisis management information, and leadership assistance, the Harvard Business Review Magazine membership is an excellent starting point. This year’s best publication. Harvard Business Review HBR Magazine is a great resource for the latest business research, news, and trends.

The Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest Magazine pages are filled with humorous stories, real-life dramas, and helpful advice for its readers. RD India has a wide range of content, including authentic stories, humour, character, facts and fiction, interviews, a good books survey with the cover storey, and levels of national relevance.

Man’s World Magazine:

Indian men’s luxury lifestyle magazine Man’s World, better known by its abbreviation MW, is the country’s most popular publication. A strong, authoritative voice for urban Indian males has been a constant presence in their lives. It is a magazine for men who want to stay up to date on the newest trends in fashion and lifestyle and vehicles, gadgets and sports. It also covers etiquette and books as well as movies and television.